AWE gathered 3,000 XR professionals with a hybrid approach, physically happening in Santa Clara and virtually accessible from all over the world

Almost two years later, we attended an event in person! And that event was no other than AWE, the most important XR conference, which took place in the heart of Silicon Valley two weeks ago.

As Charlie Fink explains really well in Forbes, AWE is all about the people, the…

While content creation is only available to designers, artists and other professionals, AR will not go mainstream.

If you analyse when each media platform reached massive success, you will find a common denominator: user-generated content. When users have the power to create content, adoption grows exponentially. When this happens, platforms become mainstream and impactful and have the potential to change the way we communicate.

Experts and all

Rafa Pagés

Coffee Enthusiast Officer at Volograms ☕️ 🍻 🏀 🤿 🎸 📷 📱

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