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My name is Rafa Pagés, I'm from Mérida (Spain), and I am one of the founders of Volograms, a company that develops awesome volumetric video tech for the immersive worlds and the metaverse.

Volograms is the maker of Volu, the first mobile app that allows you to capture, play and share volograms simply using your smartphone 🤓.

I’ve been working in the 3D reconstruction field for 10+ years, both as an entrepreneur and also as a researcher. Follow me on Twitter to see some of our work. 😎

Editor of Volograms
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Rafa Pagés

Rafa Pagés

Coffee Enthusiast Officer at Volograms, creators of Volu: user-generated content for #AR ☕️ 🍻 🏀 🤿 🎸 📷 📱